Senior’s give adivce to remaining students

As one generation leaves, another comes to take its spot. This year’s seniors will be departing from the school forever, leaving their legacy, and some advice behind.

            Senior Sammi Swan had some serious advice for all sophomores and juniors. “Take school seriously, but also just have fun with friends and school activities, because you only get to experience high school once and you want it to be the best time.” Swan will be missed on the soccer team, having been a part of it for four years.

            Senior Lydia Pierce also had some advice to give to the students who will be left at Davis High. “Don’t slack off. Period. Just do it.”

 Pierce contributed to Davis High by being part of the stage management for all of the musicals, and every other event that needed stage managing.
            Participating in Davis High’s after school activities are where most of the seniors had fun. “I would tell all of the juniors and sophomores to go to the Davis football and basketball games. Go to them all,” said Tiara Lee. Jorgen Sumsion’s advice was to “go to the games. All of them, but especially the football ones.”

­            Among all of the many students at Davis High, Kelsey Talley, 2011-2012 Homecoming Royalty, gives the advice of staying yourself. “Be yourself and proud of who you are and you will discover amazing things and meet and make friends for life.”