Whole wheat to premier at lunch

            Whole wheat and greater amounts of fruits and vegetables will make an appearance on Davis High School’s 2012-2013 menu. The change comes on the tail of  federal legislation calling for all grains to be whole wheat and for the amount of fruits and vegetables available to be doubled in public schools.

             “Next year we will have an all new menu,” said Marcia Gilchrist, a self-proclaimed lunch lady.           

            Cafeteria manager Janalee Perlac said that the majority of the changes have been made during the 2011-2012 school year with the appearance of sweet potato fries, salads, and vegetables in every lunch line.

            Perlac said that the main changes will be with the meat items. “Breaded meats must be changed.”

            The crust of the pizza offered will be changed so that it too will be whole wheat.

            Students like sophomore Alyssa Stewart are looking forward to the changes. “Some of the meals…it didn’t taste like real food,” said Stewart. “It was like eating fast food every day.”     

              A meeting to discuss the changes will be held May 15