Understudy is the lead behind the curtain

Hard work, sweat, long nights, and lots of energy–these are all part of the journey that is putting on a play. Musical Production’s annual musical for 2012 will be The Phantom of the Opera. Along with the main roles, almost every play has understudies, and this year’s production is no different.

Senior Emily Hess, who will be the understudy for the role of Christine, said that the role of an understudy is “to take the lead’s place if anything happens to the lead where they are unable to perform. You have to essentially be and learn the part so you can be ready at any time.”

An understudy must know the role, along with having the right kind of mindset. Senior Scott Taylor, the Phantom’s understudy, said that “you have to be ready to go like you are the part.”

This kind of training as an actor can also be very beneficial. An understudy is a lot of work, but it helps to prepare an actor for becoming a lead. Senior Tiffany Allen, understudy for the role of Carlotta, said that “to be prepared to go on at anytime is a great ability as an actor. You still get the same experience, just not the performance.”

Emily Richardson