Living up to expectations

Returning from the triumphant reign of last year’s state championship is not an easy feat. The Davis High School’s girls’ volleyball team has a difficult task ahead of them. The Lady Darts are striving for another state title. Luckily for them, these girls have the team and the theme to do it.
“Defend to the end,” is the motto every team member is taking to heart. The team is off to a good start, undefeated through six games and two tournaments. And the team thinks they are ready for a return to State. Senior and returning starter Kaylie Kamalu said, “we definitely have a shot at the title. We have a lot of returning starters and just as much talent as last year.”
A title-seeking team has to be in top shape, perfect condition, and excellent form. “Every team is out to beat us, which is super fun,” said Kamalu.
The team feels pressure from each other and the coaches of trying to repeat a successful season. Kamalu said, “our coach definitely makes practices very intense. She plays who practices hard. She does that because she wants the best team possible on the court.” So with the players working in excellent form they are ready for another state run.

Nate Ferguson