Going for success

The sun beats down on the already heat-infested court. The weight of the racket seems to slip from the grasp of the trodden down athlete as she gazes intently above the net to her opponent. She is confident as she is already up three games to one. The player looks at the ball, launches it in the air, and swings—a perfect ace.

           The 2012-2013 girls’ tennis programs are well on their way to a successful season. Being defending Region Champs is a hard burden to bear, but they’ve been at the helm of the region for over two years. With high hopes of a State Championship, the girls have been working hard to attain this goal since August sixth. Varsity 2nd team Singles and sophomore Breezy Turley says “we all hope to do better in State than we have in the past, because we get so close every year.”
Tennis may seem like an individual sport, but the team aspect is often overlooked. “We each have a responsibility, and we all work together to win putting our best effort forward” Turley said.
The tennis team will continue defending the tradition at the State Tournament on Wednesday October third, and Saturday October sixth.

Ammon Harris