On the road to success

The 2012-2013 girls’ soccer team is on the road to excellence. The team, consisting mostly of underclassmen, looks to the returning starters and captains to lead the way as the season begins to end leading into the playoffs.

Senior Captain and returning starter Sydney Vidal said that all the girls work hard. Being a captain brings up a lot of pressure “but it’s worth it in the end.”

A lot of girls have siblings on the team such as Senior Captain Chelsea Dunn and her younger sister Freshman Ireland Dunn, along with Vidal and her sister Sophomore Mackenzie Vidal. These siblings bring a lot of change and depth into the rosters but increase positive team chemistry as well as the overall attitude. Senior athlete Brynnlee Bird said “our team is one of a kind, and we are all honestly like a family.”

The soccer team continues the season on October second at Angel Street Park in Kaysville against Northridge.

Ammon Harris