The high expectations

The rain pounds down on a soaking neck and the heavy iron club after 13 holes. Golf is both physically and mentally challenging because of the long hours of the game and trying to be perfect every play. When even masters of the “gentleman’s game” break clubs regularly, one can assume the game of golf is not for the faint of heart.

Golf changes even more for high school golfers. In high school golf tournaments, individuals play for a team. All scores are averaged out for an entire team score. Dane Nielson, a junior on the Davis High golf team, said, “in high school golf it doesn’t matter if one person has a bad round. We all try our best and want to win as a team.” Teammates help each other out so that it doesn’t all depend on one team member’s score.

There is also another part in high school golf–like many high school sports there is a varsity and junior varsity side of the sport. As if golf wasn’t hard enough, the varsity factor of it puts even more pressure on the mind and the body. Nielson said, “although varsity is a lot more fun, it is definitely more competitive and you have to focus a lot more.”

Professional golfers have brought golf one step further in the evolution of the gentleman’s game. They have brought it onto the television.  High school golfers take golf to a whole other level of entertainment, enabling all different kinds of students of a school to go watch their team, but above all watch a competitive round of golf.