Finding a niche

With over 2,300 students at Davis High School, there is sure to be a wide variety of interests and talents that changes from student to student every school year. As the new year rolls in, it may be hard for students to find their niche, but with the help of extracurricular activities and clubs meeting new people that share the same interest is much easier.

“Being on a team[club], you don’t just work for yourself, you work for your team as well,” says senior Jeremy Trout, who participates on the Lacrosse club team.

Getting involved can be an effective way to explore and connect with your school and also have an enjoyable time doing it. A club or group can also be a way to find and make many friends along the way, break barriers between students and also looks impressive on job and college applications.

    “Joining a club gets you more involved with the school,” said Scott Nielson, Assistant Principal. “It gives students a reason to be here.”

When thinking about joining a club at Davis High School, find the right activity for you. Review the groups and see if they meet your interests, abilities and schedule. For more information about clubs, teams, and groups you can join, go to the counseling center or the office.