Losing an opportunity

When students found out about the AP French class being no longer available,  they were upset and angry that the school dropped it.

Lauren Skaggs, Davis High student, said, “I love French and I love the class. I wanted to learn more of the language and get college credit for it.”

This year the administration of Davis High decided to drop the AP French class because there are too many other French classes for Dave Miller, French teacher, to teach in one day. Miller either had to drop a class or split a class and go back and forth between them.

“It was was a joint decision with the administration to drop the AP class. I didn’t want to split two classes and go back in forth between them in one period.” Miller said.

                Learning a foreign language can be a benefit in the future, and it looks good on a college application.  Two years is required for some colleges such as; BYU, Stanford, Davidson, and Ohio State.

Debra Hall, Davis High school counselor, said, “taking the five to six years of French is plenty for college.  They can take a class in college to put them at the level they are at now.”

               Senior Helena Ma, a would-be AP French student, said, “It’s really good for you and your future and will help you become a better citizen.”
Some students, like Ma, have been taking the class since 7th grade and were hoping to continue taking it all through high school.  They wanted to keep learning and practicing the language to be more fluent in speaking.

If Davis High were to have an additional French teacher, the AP class could be available again at the school.  But until that point, it will remain dropped and no longer taught at the school.