Experiencing a new culture

    This year at our school we had the opportunity to enroll students from the foreign exchange student program as well as a foreign student who came over independently. A few of the foreign exchange students agreed to talk about how they prepared to come to America,  their communications with home and what they miss most about their home country.
    “Before I got here I watched a lot of English movies and I read more books to be literate,” said senior, Nader Hanna from Egypt. “I came to high school and I learned a lot of English I didn’t know before, so it’s good for me.”
    English can be very difficult for foreigners to learn. Other countries make make it a priority to learn different languages. Senior Michael Valmoosen, who had three years of English in school in Switzerland said that they “listened a lot to the teacher but we didn’t speak much. After two months here I am more fluent than I was [in Switzerland].” says senior Michael Valmoosen.
    Because being away from home can be difficult, the students utilize social media to help keep the connection strong at home.
    Nader Hanna also mentioned that he uses Skype and Facebook to talk to his family every Friday. It’s a different situation for each student.
    “I talk to my family everyday.” said junior, Reika Yamazaki who is from Japan. “I only get homesick once in awhile.”