Shakespeare makes it mark

The dimly lit room went silent within seconds as the faces on stage came into focus. The anticipation of the anxious audience intensified.

The annual Night of Shakespeare, put on by the Davis High School Advanced  Theatre class, was held on Sept 27 through Oct 2. This performance was captivating as well as creative. I enjoyed every second of it and was pleased to see such energy from the actors.

The Night of Shakespeare was a remarkable performance. Advance Theatre worked hard to entertain their audience, and they did more than succeed at presenting a great performance. This was a night full of humor, tragedy, and fun.

It was an artistic and creative way to introduce Davis High to Shakespeare. Each scene was filled with such intensity and dedication that it was hard to believe that it was an act, rather than reality.

The performers did a spectacular job of portraying their characters. They really reached out to their audience on an emotional level by using  the way that they spoke and the expressions on their faces. The actors showed that they did not fear tapping into their most vulnerable selves, putting passion and heart into each performance given.

Night of Shakespeare was an unforgettable experience. It was something the audience could really connect with.The costumes were simple yet they fit the set. As for the set , it required the audience to put their imaginations to use, making sure not to distract from the actors. I thought they definitely lived up to my expectations with this performance.

I usually go for the humorous scenes. But I found myself enveloped in the more dramatic ones. These scenes hit closer to home, giving me more to connect with as well as contemplate. It really kept me thinking. I give the performance two thumbs way up.