Why have lockers?

Lockers can seem pointless at times. The reason for this is because students are rarely seen actually using them. Lockers are essential to a school settings whether students choose to use them or not.
To get your locker combination you have to go to the office and ask for it specifically. Davis High is a large school which leaves less time to stop by your locker, especially if it is in an inconvenient hallway. Junior Chandler Reed, who doesn’t know his locker combination, said that having/using/finding your locker “takes too much time.”
“I use my locker when I have projects that I have to bring to school. That way I don’t have to carry it around with me.” said junior Dallin Shepherd. “Other than that I don’t use it that much.”

Gym lockers are useful to the student athletes. These lockers can take the place of their regular hallway lockers.

“I use my gym locker everyday. The normal lockers are too short,” said junior Kawika Tupola.

 “Some students like putting their stuff in them and some don’t, so it depends on the students,” says Administrator Kathy Evans. “Our job is to supply the opportunity for students to have lockers.”