The new way of acting

“The Golden Grins,” the improvisation club at Davis High, has become an official club this year. This changes the way the club is run and the way it is treated. “We are a real club this year, and now we’re doing it right,” said President Chase Bryan.

“[At practices] we do activities to help us with recognizing when it is our turn to speak  and that help us be able to think on our feet quickly,” said club member BJ Saxy. The Improv club practices once a week for two hours. They are performing once a month this year instead of the single show that they did last school year.

“Being a club just makes it feel better, like [the club is] painted in gold,” said Bryan. Now that they are a club, they are able to be a part of things that all the other clubs get to do, like being in the yearbook. These are the things that makes it just that much more a part of Davis High.

Although they are now an official club, they still encounter problems, mainly with spreading the word about their club. “Our biggest problem right now is getting people involved. Because people don’t really know what it is, it is hard to get them involved in it,” said Bryan.