The Division is in the Details

The differences between so-called North-Enders and South-Enders have been established time and again.  However, the reason for this schoolwide division is not found in the people, but in the building itself.

The layout of the school building is such that the band room, ceramics room, art classes, and theater are found on the north end of the building, and the gyms, locker rooms, and entrance to the football field are located on the southern side.  Because of this design, students who take classes in the arts are automatically relocated to the north end, and students who are involved in physical extracurricular activities gravitate toward the south end.

One of the most common indicators of which end a student leans toward is where they park.  Musicians, actors, and artists park in the northern parking lot.  Athletes and team managers park in the southern parking lot.

But as with all things, there are exceptions to every rule.  Many students, though they may identify themselves with one end of the building, have most of their classes on the opposite side.  As a result, they may park on that side for the sake of convenience.

“I consider myself a North-Ender,” said Katie Soderberg, senior, “but I do park at the south end, because I’m always late.”

“I’m neither.  I think it’s stupid to segregate it,” said Trevor Bashein, senior.  “I park wherever is closest to my first or last period class, depending on my mood.”

It is true that there is a division between the northern and southern ends of the school.  This does not mean, however, that those divisions are concrete, or that there must be competition between social groups.  Some students are already promoting integration, simply by parking in the opposite lot.

Reporter: Megan Johnson