The Ridiculous Excuses of High School

High school students can come up with some crazy excuses of why they are late, didn’t do their assignment, or just aren’t in class at all. They create these excuses in a last attempt to get out of trouble.

“Obviously, so you don’t get in trouble. You can’t just come in late and say, I was just dinking around at lunch. That doesn’t sound as good as you know, I hit a raccoon on the way home from lunch and I had to save it’s life,” said Sam Matina, senior.

Senior Savvanah Carpenter said, “teachers get really mad when you come in late so you have to think of an excuse, you can’t just be like ‘Eh, I just woke up.’ ”

“I think they might just feel overwhelmed, or they’re just lazy,”said math teacher Paul Timothy,

Some excuses are more ridiculous and far fetched than others. “My friend and I were late, so we told my science teacher my friend had to sleep in the park the night before but I couldn’t remember which one so I had to check all of them to pick her up. I was surprised that it worked,” said Carpenter.

Although Carpenter was able to fool her teacher, this doesn’t always happen.“One student told me they didn’t do their assignment because they thought I was just joking about it. Teachers don’t joke,” said Steven Drott, marine biology teacher

Some teachers have even done things beneficial to the student from the more creative excuses.

“Something that I’ve done is that if a student is taking a test and they don’t know how to do it, maybe if they just write something funny, maybe I’ll be a little nicer,” said Timothy
While sometimes the consequences can be averted, and with luck, the teacher may be nice about it, the sure way to avoid trouble in school is to come to class and do the assignments.

Reporter: Josh Olsen