Taking a Look Back

The 2012 phenomenon: the rumor that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012. The myth hasn’t been proven, although many people believe they have proof. The myth doesn’t tell exactly how the world will end, but many people have websites devoted to this question. A few of the ideas of how the world will end include natural disasters such as earthquakes, giant meteors, widespread pandemic, global warming and another ice age. There is no new evidence to prove whether or not the world will end, but there are students who, if given the opportunity, would take something back if the world was to end.

“If I could take anything back, I would take back not joining band in 7th grade, because band is awesome. I like band because of the people. I love hanging out with them,” said sophomore Cooper Gray, who joined band this year.

“If the world was going to end in 2012, I would take back giving up on piano lessons. I like piano,” said sophomore Zach Cline.

Gray and Cline both would change something having to do with music, but sophomore Paige Alexander would have taken more time off of school. “I regret all those times I had the opportunity to skip class but I didn’t because I feel lame if I’m in class when I could sluff,” Alexander said.

Junior Nick Zane Davis would follow in the footsteps of his grandpa. “I would live out my dream of being a Greaser because of the book The Outsiders, and because my grandpa was one. [I would] wear leather jackets,  not go to school, and have a cool name like Soda Pop,” said Davis.

Reporter: Eric Lancaster