Continuing to help

Davis High students,

Here is a chance for you guys to continue serving a giving out to those in need even though the Christmas season is over. Please take a look, and help out if you can.

Davis County Children’s Justice Center provides a child-friendly atmosphere designed to help children feel safe and comfortable while they are being interviewed regarding alleged abuse. Audio and video equipment is used to preserve the interview for evidence and eliminate the need for multiple interviews. Each child in a family is given a stuffed animal and a blanket when they leave the center. Davis High Key Club is collecting 12 to 15 inch stuffed animals to help increase the supply at the center so they will have enough for every child. Would you please look around your homes and see if you might have a new or nearly new stuffed animal, or purchase one that you could donate to this great cause.

Drop them off in the Counseling Center during the month of January.