The choice is yours

            Cold, icy, wind creating red cheeks, hearts racing inside each skier’s chest, butterflies going wild within each snowboarder at the sight of the slope; both skiing and snowboarding are found to be challenging and exhilarating. But which sport is better?

            “Skiing has always been better then snowboarding,” senior Michael Navidomski stated boldly in a face to face interview. “You can do way more and there is so much more variety. It’s just better.”

As seen above, Navidomski has a definite opinion over skiing verses snowboarding. This only seems fitting as his last name ends with the word ‘ski’. He has been skiing since he was three years old at the either Snowbird Resort or in Park City. Sophomore Adam Taylor agrees with Navidomski’s opinion.

“Skiing is better because it is so much easier and you can do more. You go smooth down the mountain and don’t destroy the snow,” said Taylor. Taylor has been skiing for six years and finds the sport fun and relaxing.

Like Navidomski and Taylor, many people in Utah, as well as at Davis High, love the winter sport skiing. But a large percent would say snowboarding is the better choice. At Davis High School the difference in opinions was also evident.

“I like snowboarding better, but I guess it’s just personal preference whatever you like to do more,” said junior Alex Wagstaff, an avid snowboarder.

One other snowboarder at Davis High also agrees that the enjoyment all depends on personal preference.

“I like snowboarding personally, but I think if a person has fun going down in skis then that’s what they should do. I don’t care which it is just as long as you’re having fun doing it and you’re focusing on getting better,” said senior Stone Anderson.

A survey was given to three randomly selected classes at Davis High about their preference between snowboarding and skiing. The three classes given the survey were Mrs. Abendroth, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Dobson’s fourth period classes. Eighty four students returned the survey; 39% reported skiing as a better sport, 44% voted for snowboarding and 17% had no preference.  According to this data, snowboarding was more the popular sport, but only by a mere four percent.

As Utah markets itself as having the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’, there are fourteen ski resorts in the northern part of the state. An addition of the mentioned survey was favorite places to ski and snowboard in Utah. Of the fourteen ski resorts in Utah the top four for Davis High Students were:

  1. Snowbasin Resort near Mountain Green
  2. The Canyons in Park City
  3. Powder Mountain near Huntsville
  4. Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon