High School, Is It Really The Best Years of Our Lives?

Wylie Gordon

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All our lives we’ve been told that high school will be the best years of our lives, but will it? We talked to many high school seniors, both current and long since been, about their high school experiences. Did our results may have changed that very statement our peers told us so many years ago?

After speaking with our volunteers we found that more times than not, the people saying that high school was the best time of their lives are the ones who peaked in high school. These are the kids with all the friends, whom everyone knows their name. The athletes that never made it out of high school ball. The common factor in the ones saying that wholesome phrase aren’t necessarily saying it to mislead you, they are just leaving out the stories on why the other years aren’t so great.

On the other hand, the other volunteers who said that it wasn’t all its made out to be are mostly current students but not only so, gave us plenty of reasons why their opinions should be heard. The most common thing said was leaned toward the emotion trauma it might bring to the people with not so many friends. The fact isn’t that friends weren’t their, no it is really that fact they were never friends to begin with. Fake, toxic, and overall bad friends cause the average teenager psychological damage. When they aren’t trying to keep the friends that don’t want to know they exist in the first place, they are also battling with popularity. If you don’t have friends to spread your name, fake or not, you get verbally abused by the kids who do. It almost makes you feel popular but for all the wrong reasons. Everyone knows your name because of a rumor or the simple fact that you are the main target of the most popular kid in school’s daily pranks.

So next time someone tells you, “Enjoy these times, they are only gonna get harder.”. Ask them how their high school experience was, and then decide for yourself if you should listen to their “advice” or not.