Sub 4 Santa


Sub for Santa is a donation fund that allows the homeless families in Davis School District to have an enjoyable Christmas season. Despite how many lucky and privileged people are in our district, many families do not make enough money to participate in what are considered normal or even mandatory holiday activities. These families often get overlooked, and Sub for Santa is a great way to make sure that it does not occur.

“Sub for Santa is a fundraiser we do every year to get funds to give families Christmas who can’t afford it,” says Lindsey Regis, a Davis High SBO.

Donating is not only doing great things for our community, but it is surprisingly easy. There are many different ways to donate depending on what’s best for you.

“As an SBO, we run the D-store, sell items such as food or Davis merch, deliver candy grams, go around collecting donations, and plan and run all activities during Sub for Santa like our lunch tournaments. To contribute you can make a cash donation during school to any of the [SBO] officers, make an online donation through, go to the d-store, and participate in our dash for cash. Sub for Santa is a great way to help those in need, and every donation counts,” explains Lindsey Regis.

Because it is the season of giving, many people are already looking for charities. Sub for Santa is a great place to get started, as it is a fun and enjoyable way to donate. If you want to have a fun socially interactive experience you can participate in any of the Sub for Santa activities. If you prefer a quick and easy donation; just donate online.

Giving to people in need is literally what the Christmas season is all about, and Sub for Santa is directly supporting that notion.