Gun Restrictions and Prices Have Risen

by Taylor Rogers

Because of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, gun laws have become the center of discussion in several presidential speeches. The current gun laws to restrict shootings like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary are according to are as follows : Guns are not allowed in any secure area in which firearms are prohibited and notice of the prohibition is posted. It is unlawful to carry a loaded firearm on any public street without a permit.It is unlawful to discharge any kind of firearm within 600 feet of a house, dwelling, or any other building.

Because shootings are happening more often, gun sales have risen. Many people have concealed weapons permits, which allows people to hide guns somewhere on their body at all times unless specified by any company not wanting firearms in their building. Many working people like David Henriod Biology teacher at Davis High school do not have concealed weapons permit because they are “too lazy to take the class.”

Guns are becoming a prominent part of American society so guns are used regularly on gun ranges or while hunting. If you know about guns and how to properly handle them then they should make you feel safe, not scared. Henriod said “If [the gun] is in my hand [and] loaded then I [feel] safe. It’s the other jerks that scare me.”