Davis Wrestlers Finish Season

by Jake Pastrana

Wrestling may not have a ball, but it is definitely a sport.
Davis High wrestlers never giving up on the mat.

Davis High wrestlers never giving up on the mat.

Sophomore Austin Niederhauser who is on the wrestling team said, “It is hard work being on the wrestling team but it pays off and is pretty fun. I’d say 90 percent mental and the other ten percent is skill.” Sophomore Jeff Mcilrath agreed with this and said, “people don’t know how hard it is. We practice everyday and have tournaments on the weekend.”

Wrestlers, who are categorized by the weight classes, score by either take downs, which earn them 2 points, or by pinning their opponent which causes them to end the match. The point of the game is to get the most points for the team.

Although wrestling is a team sport, most of it is done individually. When a player wins the match the points they earned go towards the full team score. However, they also prepare for the season as a team.

“We have a preseason workout which consists mostly of cardio workouts and do a lot of lifting.”  said Niederhauser However yet again there are also preparations the team has to do individually. “To prepare for the season I do workouts and run miles and some lifting.” said Mcilrath. The players also have to prepare for the match even before they enter it.

“I try to plan in my head what is going to happen.” said Niederhauser. Mcilrath agreed and said “I think about what I am going to do. I try to clear my mind.” Niederhauser also said, “Don’t judge wrestling before trying it, it’s really fun.”