Darts Watch Pretty Little Liars

by Hailee Smith

Mystery, drama, intrigue and murder can all be found in the teen drama show, Pretty Little Liars. It is a show on ABC Family that aired in 2010 and has captured the hearts of teenage girls since then.

Savannah Hadley, a junior who watches the show, claims that the show is addictive because “you get to the end of an episode and you have to watch what happens next and then three seasons later, you can’t stop.”
Junior Lyric Laumua agreed and said, “every episode leaves you guessing to see who killed that person or who’s the next target. It makes you want to watch it more and more so you find the answer from last week’s episode.”

The suspense that each episode leaves the viewer with is not the only reason it is addictive. The intensity of the show also adds to the addictive level.“It kind of messes with your head,” Said Laumua.

Hit TV show Pretty Little Liars is viewed by students at Davis High School.

“It scares me sometimes. I’ll be going to bed and I can’t sleep because of it,” said senior Mckenzie Rudolph.

The intensity, mystery and suspense of the show keep people watching, but girls really love it for the drama.
“It’s just dramatic. It’s a teen drama show,” said Laumua. She said that it’s interesting because the girls in the show are also in high school, making it exciting and easy to relate to.
Hadley said that she likes the show because of its drama and “how different it is from any other TV show. But it’s super cheesy.”