Thrift Shopping 101

by Daphne Kelly

Thrift shopping is a new way to fill a closet full of trendy clothes. It’s an inexpensive alternative to commercial shopping. Students at Davis High seem to be taking advantage of this opportunity to find bargains, as well as pieces of clothing no one else will be wearing. There is no science to it, but it is definitely a process. A few steps, however, are vital and can guarantee a successful trip.

Location is where it all begins. Never pass up a shop, even if it is a bit sketchy. They’ll smell funny, and seem a bit different, but that’s when you know it is the right spot. The DI, Savers, Salvation army and Our Store: Your Thrift Alternative are among the best in the Salt Lake area.

When walking into a thrift store, do not have any expectations. Be open minded and dig around the entire shop. Do not go into the shop with the mindset that a specific item must be found.

While searching through racks among racks of mom jeans and Christmas sweaters, the jackpot could be intentionally found but would completely be missed due to a closed mind. Some of the best finds could be in sections not meant for the shopper.

Price is often something of concern for the shopper shopping in a commercial store, but in a thrift shop, all that is needed is  twenty dollars. A general rule to abide by is do not spend over $12.99 on a single item. This is when the decision needs to be made, does this really belong in the thrift shop price range.