Davis High Students Balance Hard Classes and Teenage Years

by Daphne Kelly

High school: a place where our personal goals, career goals and educational goals are shaped. However, how does one decide what they will be doing for the rest of their adult life, as a teenager. Teenagers know nothing. They cannot even decide which cereal to eat for breakfast, let alone how we will be contributing to society as an adult.

Many resources are given to students, counselors, teachers and our peers to influence our choices. These decisions range from which class to fill an elective credit with, to which college will we be attending. Though students have been thinking about these decisions since elementary school, they can become harder as more variables are added.

However, a conundrum is developed. While the choices we make will carry us into our adult lives, when is the time to be a mistake making teenager. There is so much riding on this age, the age when we act our stupidest and are learning. It is ridiculous that one failing grade, and one outburst as a high school student could change the course of ones life forever.