FBLA and FCCLA join forces to plan the Sadie Hawkins Dance

by Emily Richardson


Dances can be one of the greatest memories students take away from high school. The lights, the music, and the lively decorations–they are all part of the experience. Not everyone is aware of what preparation goes into planning a dance.

Family, Career, Community Leaders of America and Future Business Leaders of America are working alongside each other to plan the “We Are The Champions” Sadie Hawkins dance set for Mar. 23. FCCLA President Kami Dixon said that, “[FBLA and FCCLA have planned Sadie Hawkins together] since the beginning of time. Those two clubs work really well together. It’s a big planning-out that they look forward to all year.”

Much work goes into planning dances, beginning with a brainstorming session. FBLA officer Tag Steele said that the clubs “go to the drawing board. As people representing the student body, we ask what [the student body] thinks the theme should be and what decorations we should do. It is kind of like a tree that just branches out.”

With two different clubs planning one dance, there could be disagreements, but Dixon said FCCLA and FBLA work well together because they vote. “Whoever brings the most officers, their club gets the most say. But everyone is a student at Davis and we are all in the same pool.”

Steele agreed, “we are all coming together and just knocking it out. Everyone is free to say whatever they like–we are not going to judge anyone. We are having two clubs or organizations come together and uniting to figure it out.”

One way FCCLA and FBLA have come together is in their decision to delay the dance. The original date was Mar. 16, but the date was changed to a week later due to a band competition as well as a cheerleading competition. “We felt that it would exclude a lot of people from being able to come to the dance,” said Dixon.

Planning for a dance takes time, effort, and an attempt to please the whole student body. Despite the hard work, “[FCCLA and FBLA] like planning the dance. It is always a fun, unique thing that we find not very many clubs get to do,” said Steele.