Chinese Club introduces Davis High to culture of China

by Chase Webb

Xin Nian kuai le!

Davis High’s Chinese club celebrated the Chinese New Year during Feb. 11-15 by sponsoring activities during lunch, introducing Davis to some of the culture of the Far East.

The activities spread the celebration and fun. The festivities were hard to ignore with things like chopstick races, homemade Chinese food, and even taekwondo. Brynn McMurray, a junior and member of the club said, “we tried to do something every day.”

The Chinese Club is a fun, inviting place to learn about the culture. “We try to learn Chinese together and we really bond,” said junior Tag Steele, member of the club. “It’s a fun and outgoing club.”

No prior knowledge of the culture or language is needed to join. On the Davis High School Chinese Club Facebook page they explain the club as place to “learn the language, culture, and have some fun with the Davis High Chinese Club!!”