Backyard Broadcast hosts fundraiser to raise money for sexual exploitation victims

Backyard Broadcast having a 'Rock, papers, scissors' competition, rasing more money.
Backyard Broadcast having a ‘Rock, papers, scissors’ competition, rasing more money.

by Alyssa Thompson

On Feb. 12 Backyard Broadcast sponsored a Rock Paper Scissors fundraiser. Students at Davis High had the opportunity to enter and play in the Rock Paper Scissors tournament for one dollar per person. After paying, the participants were given one ticket to put in the raffle, with a fifty dollar cash prize.

Students that won on their first round were given another ticket and continued to the next round. Jeneka Johnson was a participant in one of the first Rock Paper Scissors rounds. She did advance to the second round, but lost in the third round “When I was little, I had a really hard time playing that game so I practiced. I practiced really hard and now I’m very happy that I won,”Johnson said.

Backyard Broadcast is not only a youth-led club at Davis, but a national organization as well. The club promotes the awareness of sexual exploitation of children. Vice President Lauren Wilko said that they “try to inform other youth about the problem and help them get involved and learn to stop it.”

The money made from the fundraiser went towards aiding victims of sexual exploitation. It was also to help provide training for the police force to handle situations that involve prostitution correctly.