Small Town Kids Study Abroad for Opportunities to Learn About the World

by Daphne Kelly

More often than not, growing up in a small town like Kaysville, Utah can seem suffocating at times. Kaysville is known for generations of families that have lived here for years. It can seem like a trap–becoming  smothered by the small town atmosphere, making it seem as if the boundaries are barriers.

College can appear to be the only escape from this environment. But if a few hundred miles distance does not suffice, a study abroad program is a wise alternative.

A study abroad program is where an education is completed in a country outside of the United States. The opportunity is then given to explore cultures other than America. There are a variety of programs to choose from as well.

It’s easy to have a limited view of the world, but international travel can help broaden perspective. In order to have a successful life one  must be tolerant and open to new ideas. This can be a challenge when it can be so easy to fall back into what generations before have been doing for years. Studying abroad could be the experience needed to stay away from small town ideals.