Davis High Spreads Happiness

by Jake Pastrana

The week of Mar. 4-8 was Happy Week, which is a time where the students are encouraged to be happy as well a nice to other people.

“I think it’s awesome! It’s an opportunity for us all to focus on the good things in our daily lives,” said junior Addison Martin. Junior Caroline Anderson had a different response. “Instead of having suicide prevention to turn it around and have a happy week.  I really like how the SBOs put up quotes and passed out stickers–it really promotes it.”

Anderson helped participate in Happy Week by passing out smiley stickers. Instead of focusing on the suicidal part of the reason of this week, turning it into a week of happiness made it less heavy and easier for high school students to relate to.  “It’s so much more fun to be happy,” said Martin.

“I wear my sticker with pride, smiling whenever possible. Showing interest in others’ lives,” said Martin.

“I think it’s been successful. I’ve notice different things that people have done that really help like the SBOs putting up quotes and passing out smiley stickers,” said Anderson. “Everyone is talking about it… not to mention the smiley face stickers tagged on everyone and quotes lining the halls which welcome little spurts of joy,” said Martin.

“Happy Happy Week.”