Election Posters Draw Students In

by Chase Webb

It’s the time of year where election posters are scattered throughout the hall and even hanging in the air. These posters seem to have only slight effects on the voters actual choice, and lately they’ve even been vandalized.

“They don’t really affect me,” said sophomore Cale Griggs. The posters throughout the school are hard to avoid but easy to ignore. To spice things up, candidates use humor, trends and even movie references.

Kyle warren is doing a spin off of Captain America, Nate Ferguson has a list of 100 random reasons to vote for him( that really have nothing to do with anything) and Michelle Skonnard is focusing on the ever popular mustache.

With so many posters around the candidates are depending on votes from those who will actually vote. Junior Sarah Bushell said, “We have a lot of awesome students running this year! I can see them making a difference in our school.”
Some posters have been vandalized, like writings on them or even having them pulled down. “It takes a lot of courage for someone to run for office, and it’s not cool to mess with and put down those people,” said Kyle Warren, junior and previous candidate.

Students running for office spend a lot of time working on posters. “It takes complete dedication. I stay awake until twelve to one o’clock at night and sometimes come in half an hour early to school,” said Warren.

Whoever gets voted in by the student body is sure to bring their personalities and goals to the school. For now we wait in anticipation to see the new leaders of the soon to be century old school.