Anime Club gives students a place to enjoy Japanese culture

by Chase Webb

Technology enables us access to other countries’ cultures it’s easier to discover things like anime, an animation originating from Japan. This form of entertainment’s popularity has even spread to America and down to Davis High.

The Anime Club is popular amongst students at Davis High. Anime is a fantasy-based animation from Japan that is popular all over the world, and is based off of overdramatised drawings, especially eyes.

Members watch and discuss a variety of anime. “We watch movies and talk about them,” said sophomore Robert Sportsman, a member of the club. “If you like anime then it’s really fun.”

The club is a fun inviting place where socializing is a big key. “It gives you a chance to meet new people and learn a little bit about the Asian culture,” said Tibbits.

For those who don’t know much about the topic but are still interested in anime, Tibbitts suggested watching some before attending the meetings, “otherwise you’d be a little lost.” For fans of anime that just want a place to enjoy it, the club is great for that, too. “I like anime. It takes you to a different place,” Tibbitts said.

Davis High’s anime club members meet Thursdays after school in John Costley’s room, room 1309.