Future Farmers of America educates members about leadership

by Emily Richardson

Only one club at Davis allows students to participate in activities such as judging livestock and learning about agriculture–Future Farmers of America, a small, unique club focused on educating students about agriculture.

FFA officer Lisa Westmoreland said that being a member of FFA is definitely different than your average club. “You don’t interact quite as much during activities, but the group itself is tighter in general,” she said.

The club travels throughout Utah and even other states for different conferences. FFA officer Kele Wencel said that while at these different workshops, the club “learn[s] how to be a better leader.”

Focusing on leadership and agriculture, FFA serves to educate its members. Westmoreland, a senior, said that “FFA is about educating the people about farming in general but it goes into sciences for animals and biotech and other things like that. The most important thing is just to learn.”

FFA is one of the smallest clubs at Davis, with just over 30 members, but it is a very close group of students. Being such a small club can have its advantages and disadvantages. “It’s fun being a small club because you get closer to everybody, but it would be nice to have it be bigger and do more activities,” said Wencel. Westmoreland agreed, saying that she “wish[ed] the club was more widespread because it is an important thing to learn about, but I kind of enjoy the smallness.”

Every club has a purpose as to what that club wants to do for students. In Wencel’s opinion, the purpose of FFA is to prepare them for the future. “It is not just about farming. We learn about agriculture, livestock, farming and other sciences.”

Like other clubs, FFA holds activities after school. There are also classes students can take at Davis that directly tie into the club, like Animal Science with Zane Christensen.