Rising prices bankrupt Davis students

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Rising prices bankrupt Davis students

After record gas and food prices continue to rise Davis students are starting to feel the squeeze of inflation. 

With the recent war in Ukraine and continued economic strife ever since Bidens inauguration last year inflation has hit its highest point since the early 1980’s, skyrocketing prices on food, gas, and other essentials. 

This has many negative consequences for students at Davis who do not have very high paying jobs or enough hours in the day to work full time putting a strain on them to continue to buy gas, food, and other items and putting more strain on families in the area. 

“It cost my family a lot more money to buy food and gas” one student said when asked how it had affected him personally. 

There are many different reasons for the economic conditions just described the recent war in Ukraine, along with a protesting trucker convoy, labor shortages, supply chain issues, money printing, foreign import of oil, and other causes all lead to the worsening economic condition we see today. 

In response to why he thought economic conditions continued to worsen an anonymous Davis student said “well there is the war in Ukraine, the trucker convoy, which is a good thing by the way, and of course the labor shortage” 

For these reasons and more Davis students are finding it harder to afford what they used to with gas prices in stores going back up again even after the release of 60 million barrels from the federal reserve. 

This begs the question what is the solution to the economic crisis we are now facing? 

The same student responded to the question by saying “people need to get off welfare and get a job” and further proposed to “86 46” 

While its unknown whether these or other solutions will bring an end to the economic crisis one things remains certain prices will continue to rise.