SBOs leave legacy of service and pride

by Chase Webb

Teachers and administrators run school, but leadership also comes from a separate faction of the school–the student body officers.

SBOs are student-elected seniors that use their time for the benefit of the student body and the school itself. They spend fourth period making banners for clubs and doing other services for the school throughout the day. SBO Kami Dixon said they “try to support all the different groups” at Davis. They also spend their time attending sports games.

The SBOs lead the students of the school and are proud of it. This year’s SBOs’ time is running short,however, and the school will soon be ushering in the officers of next year.

As experienced representatives, the current officers have a lot of advice for those taking their places. SBO Chaseton Womack said to reach out to those who don’t have friends, and Dixon said to love and accept people. Womack’s advice to next year’s SBOs is to “maintain the legacy of Davis.”