Air Pollution

by Brady Webb


The pollution has been a big problem for Utahans in the past, and this year is no exception. Not to mention it doesn’t look like it will be leaving anytime soon. The idea that some of the storms coming in might wash out the pollution and give better air was destroyed as reports from monitors throughout the Wasatch front reported unhealthy air quality. It looks as though the pollution is here to stay.

“It’s ridiculous, you look outside and you can barely see anything at all. The smog covers everything, and it makes it hard to go and do anything outside,” sophomore, Brady England said.

Bo Call, Overseer of the Utah Division of Air Quality, said that higher temperatures for the last few days could help clean up the pollution and so could the storms on Feb 24.

“Several northern Utah counties—Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber—have already exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “or EPA” health standard of pollution per cubic liter of air more than a dozen times this winter. Box Elder County has exceeded it five times and Tooele 10 times thus far. It’s a marked difference from last winter, when the state did not exceed the health-based standard at any site.” ABC news reported.

“I really hope the terrible air quality goes away as we get into spring. I’m really sick of it, it makes it hard to run and do the things I need to do when it’s so hard to breath,” England said.