The Evolution of News Over Time

by Jake Pastrana


A lot is put into the Davis High Media program but to me not a lot of it is being taken out.

Davis High has social media pages such as a Davis High Media Twitter account as well as a Facebook page. “I like the Facebook page for Davis High Media but I don’t follow the the Twitter account, I haven’t gotten around to it,” Rego said. “I don’t actually follow any of the pages,” said Merkley in contrast.

“I would rather read a web page rather than a newspaper or a magazine,”  said Junior Megan Merkley whereas Junior Amber Rego said :. “I would rather get news by a web page or through D-TV.” These ways of gaining schoolwide news are easily acceptable but are often not being utilized.

“Put the school magazines in places where students usually go. Make it more fun and more known,” said Merkley. Rego agreed and said “Make the stories more interesting and tell people about these media pages (and the magazine) so they know about it and can read it.”