Music Dictates the Appearance of Students

by Taylor Rogers


According to, 6.3 billion dollars are spent on online music downloads per year. That does not include actual cd’s being sold, concert tickets, band tees or any other music merchandise. Katie Graydon, sophomore at DHS and music enthusiast, said “when I look at a person I can usually tell what kind of music they’re into.” Somebody who listens to Indie Rock would wear “vans, tightish jeans-maybe ripped a little bit, a V neck [and a] denim jacket” said Graydon. Camberra Clinger also a Sophomore at DHS, and also a lover of music said “…sometimes you can tell because the person is wearing a T-shirt they bought from a concert or [a] graphic tee with their favorite band name. They might even base their style off the musician own style. But its also hard to know for sure, there’s lots of times I have pinned someone as a certain genre and I later found out they listened to the complete opposite. Everyone [is] different though.” A person that listens to heavy metal would “…portray the edgier look wearing stuff like leather jackets or heavy hoodies, and the color scheme is a little on the darker side.” Clinger said