Students struggle to maintain 4.0s

by Jake Pastrana

When entering high school, and sometimes even junior high, students have to decide if they are going to take Honors or regular classes. Along with an individual’s goals and values, students must take into account their drive to obtain a 4.0 when choosing between the two.

Junior Abi Laub, who is taking two AP classes and is in Honors English, suggests taking tougher classes to get ahead. “Yes they are challenging, but you are not going to die. You don’t want to be stuck in a really boring class. Honors is a party,” she said.

For junior Erin Horsley, however, getting ahead isn’t the problem. “I think Honors classes are harder than regular classes,” she said. “I don’t take Honors classes mainly because I think they would be more than I can handle.”

Getting a 4.0 can be easier for students who take regular classes, but for Honors students accomplishing this task may be impossible because of the homework factor. Horsley said she has maybe two hours of homework per night with her regular classes whereas Laub said she can have 30 minutes to six hours of homework and still cannot get a 4.0 due to the her Honors and AP classes.

While it’s not impossible to get a 4.0 with a heavy schedule, students who sign up for difficult classes are in for a long semester if they hope to keep good grades.