Antibiotics Keep America Alive

by Brady Webb


As our antibiotics continue to be used, the diseases they fight against continue to develop new strains to combat our only line of defense. The way battling infections is perceived should be looked at with a different perspective.

The last person to die from the Common Cold was over 50 years ago in The United States according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). But First World countries like the United States of America take for granted these antibiotics which are arguably the best medical discoveries in history. Doctors are becoming increasingly worried that antibiotics might become a thing of the past. Actually, it’s already happening. According to a study conducted by the CDC, located in Atlanta Georgia, there are about 100,000 deaths per year by antibiotic resistant infections in the United States. “The anti-biotics we use to battle of even the most common of infections won’t be around forever. We need to really start thinking of alternatives, because every day the time we have left becomes shorter and shorter,” said biotechnician Johnson Webb.