A very LUDO-crous band

Ludo’s Latest Album, “Prepare for Preparations”

When you’ve waited for two hours in front of a theater that’s in the middle of the shadiest area of Salt Lake City just to be in the front row during the concert, pushed up to the stage with the speakers pounding right in front of your face and dozens of people screaming in your ear, it certainly leaves an impression on you. Despite some of the circumstances, it created a musical experience that I’ll never forget. None of this chaos would’ve been worth it if it wasn’t for the band performing that night at the Avalon: Ludo.

Ludo is an alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri with four members: Andrew Volpe (lead vocalist and guitarist), Tim Convy (Moog synthesizer, keyboard), Tim Ferrell (guitar), and Matt Palermo (drums). Their music is a mixture of humor and satire, personality, and pure geekery. The band’s quirky characteristics shine through their four albums, especially with their latest album released in 2010, Prepare for Preparations. Thetelegraph.com describes the album “skeletons, pirates, cyborgs, robots, leprechauns, witches, curses, Bonnie and Clyde and 1950s R&B”. Strange inspirations for hit songs, right?

The lead single from Prepare the Preparations is “Whipped Cream”. Not only is the song whacky and filled with subtle innuendo, their music video has been features on the Funny or Die comedy website. The music video shows multiple, unique ways to use a can of whipped cream and shows the invention of the “Whipped Cream dance”, demonstrated by the audience at their live concerts when the song is performed.

But describing their latest album isn’t the same as listening to it all the way through. Listening to the music yourself is the only way you can truly understand the genius of their work. The other three albums from their catalogue include their first album, Ludo, followed by the four track rock opera that really highlights their talent and tells a story of true love, tragedy, and time travel: Broken Bride. Finally, You’re Awful, I Love You is their most well known album that includes the track that brought their musical career into the public spotlight, “Love Me Dead”.

Ludo’s band members are good natured people who appreciate their fans. Going back to my concert experience, I had the opportunity to shake hands with Tim Ferrell himself before their performance. The band even took the time to stay after the show to sign autographs and to talk to their fans. It brings me a sense of hope to know that the band you enjoy listening to also enjoys keeping in touch with their listeners. One day, Ludo will shoot to the stars and get bigger and better with their latest singles and albums. But for now, even as a small, former indie band, they’re climbing up the ladder in their musical career and will reach the top in no time.

Recommended tracks: “Hum Along” (Ludo), “Save our City” (Broken Bride), “Love Me Dead” (You’re Awful, I Love You), “Whipped Cream” (Prepare for Preparations)