Davis High makes changes to 2011 dances

Changes have been made and questions have asked on this year’s 2011 school dances and what has been changed and what is staying. Now the answers are out and the student body will now know what the dances will be.

“The Christmas Dance will be staying and the administration doesn’t care for Halloween or Novelty. They are just a pain,” said Assistant Principal Richard Firmage.

The SBO’s have decided that since attendance at Novelty is so scarce that they added the Sweetheart Dance.

“The lack of attendance at Novelty got the SBO’s thinking about the Sweethearts Dance in hopes that more money will come in from it than the Novelty Dance,” said Firmage.

With the changes to the dance kids have questioned whether or not the new dance will be a permanent change or if it is only for this year.

“Mostly likely if we change and get a good response than we will keep it,” said Firmage.

So with the new Sweetheart Dance on this year’s dance schedule the hope for the SBO’s and administration is that they will get a better attendance at the Sweetheart Dance and Novelty will be staying.