Students elect 2011 Homecoming Royalty

Seven contestants one crown for the prize. Seven girls have been selected for this year’s Homecoming Queen Election and only one will take the title of Davis High’s 2011 Homecoming Queen.

KC Willmore, Autumn Eads, Jessica Young, Kelsey Talley, Madeline Bramhall, Emi Facer, and Adrienne Luddington were all chosen by the senior class for this year’s run for the Homecoming title as queen.

“We went to the senior class advisory classes and had them choose who they wanted for Homecoming Queen. Some of the kids will choose boys or others will put Justin Timberlake, and then of course we have to take those out,” said math teacher and senior class officer advisor Tracey Meade.

So with senior class choosing the candidates, including Justin Timberlake, they narrowed it down to the final seven. Only three will take the title of the royalty and the other four will be part of the court.

“Why not? All school’s have Homecoming Royalty as a tradition at their school so why not keep it going? The only school that hasn’t done Royalty for a long time is Ogden High; they got rid of it during the Civil Rights Movement. Same with some of the Southern States,” Meade said.

There is still the decision to be on who will be the Homecoming queen out of the seven candidates.

“Out of the seven candidates one will be chosen by the senior class on Sept 21 2011 during advisory.” Meade said.