Artists describe what art means to them

Artistic talent blossoms at Davis High as kids take on photography, pottery, and drawing classes. Every year teachers and students are blown away at the talent that travels through the halls of Davis High School.

To one artist it may be to express their emotions, to another it could be to capture a perfect emotions.

“I want to draw out emotions that people don’t feel everyday.  I don’t want to tell the story in my photography, I want to show the emotion,” junior Kira Mercer said.

Inspiration is a huge factor into an artist’s life. It can take its toll on every artist in someway or another. So no matter what, the wind could be an artist’s inspiration or a beautiful sunset. Whatever appeals to the artist is perfectly fine.

Junior Liz Hovley said, “Music is a big part of my inspiration to my art and other art by other people. Art in itself, especially in other artist’s pieces is inspiration.”

Mercer won the National student Photographer Award as a sophomore.

To many of the students art has a different impact on their lives and how they feel about putting it down on canvas or paper.

“It just feels fulfilling to have it down on canvas or on paper,” Hovley said.