The Vampire’s Return

On September 15 the blood sucking romance continues in the third season of Vampire Diaries. Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) will face even more challenges as the one she loves is taken away from her and she might be falling in love with another man.

All questions will be answered about Elena and Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) relationship and whether or not they will be together. More questions will be raised about Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and what he plans to do with Stefan, (Paul Wesley) Elena’s “true love.”

Sacrifices have been made throughout the first two seasons as Elena’s life is flipped upside down, all starting when her parents die. At that same time, the Salvatore brothers return to Mystics Falls, their home back in the 1800s. Each has returned for something different, but throughout the two seasons their ideas shift.

Elena is the reason Stefan has returned, but the question is raised if he truly loves Elena because Elena looks just like Katherine, Stefan and Damon’s love from the 1800’s. Damon on the other hand, is at Mystic Falls to rescue Katherine from the tomb that she was imprisoned in. Throughout the first season Elena made discoveries not only about Mystic Falls but also about herself.

Stakes are raised even higher in the second season as friends and family become the victims to the vampire rage that seems to have taken over Mystic Falls. Elena will push her bounds and how far she can go in finding out who she really is and why she was born into this world as the doppelganger (person who looks exactly like someone but they are not related in anyway) to Katherine.

Klaus takes in interest into Elena because she is so closely tied to Katherine in a strange way to Katherine. Elena is the key to breaking the “The Sun and Moon” curse that was put on Klaus, and he will stop at nothing to obtain what is rightfully his.

The second season ends with Klaus breaking the curse, but Elena will pay the price of not only giving up her own life but, part of her family and the love of her life.

Now the story will continue bringing more intense and romance to the screen as girls anticipate what will happen between Elena and Damon as their bond becomes stronger. And the questions of whether or not Stefan can hold onto his humanity or not will turn the tables for the Vampire Diaries season three.