Volleyball vs Northridge

The girls Volleyball team played against the Northridge Knights at Northridge on Friday the 16th. Lady Darts beat the Knights to gain a 1-1 start to the regular season.

Everyone has been saying Davis is the team to beat. After coming off a loss the week before to Fremont, Adria Downs, one of the three Senior Captains, thought that losing was actually a good thing that happened because it kicked them in the butt and helped them to know that they needed to work harder.

The Fremont loss was the first loss in the regular season since 2009. Last year the girls had an amazing, undefeated, regular season record.

Downs said “We need to just take one game at a time if we do that then I think we can do well.” “We can’t worry about state till state.

Downs also thought that the reason why they played so well against Northridge was because of their attitudes, “We were laughing, we were cheering, we were just trying to have fun. In doing so we really played great.”

Tanisha Langston ready to hit the ball