Band makes a break through

Davis High Band has been known for their excellent performances and their hard work, but this fall of 2011 has set a new standard for the Davis High band. They have beaten personal records and have made incredible accomplishments.

“American Fork appreciates being in first and now that they know we have the potential to beat them they are working even harder,” said junior Taylor Jewett.

For four years American Fork has been in first place in every single competition and Davis taking second. When Davis beat American Fork at the BYU high school band competition high hopes were set on Davis winning for the Davis Cup Invitational.

“There is really only one band we have to beat, and that is for us to do better than we did before,” said Steven Hendricks, director of Davis High Band, to the Standard-Examiner.

However, when the results came out, American Fork beat Davis High by .3 points. To the crowd it was disappointing, but to Davis High it just showed that they had to work just a little bit harder.

“We have done amazingly well, the best season I would say by far. A lot more kids this year have a higher work ethic and we have a lot more vets (veterans to the band) whereas we were mostly rookies last year,” said Jewett.

Everyone has seemed to see the difference in this year’s Davis High band and according to Hendricks the band this year has a lot more “synergy.”

“Everyone wants to win this year,” said Jewett.

Apparently that wanting of winning has paid off for the Davis High Band and as a last hooray, the Davis High Band will be competing in St. George on Oct 28 and 29.