The Unknown make their mark

Liam Neeson plays the amnesic Dr. Martin Harris in Unknown. Harris goes to Berlin with his wife for a biotechnology conference. When he realizes that he left part of his baggage at the Berlin airport, he runs back to get it. On the way he gets into an accident which results in him losing his memory.

Upon waking up he only remembers who his wife is and why he is in Berlin. In an effort to fix everything he goes back to the hotel he was staying at. When he gets there his wife doesn’t recognize him and someone has stolen his identity.

Harris goes through the movie trying to solve the mystery of whom he is and why someone has stolen his identity. As he tries to solve his identity crisis he is followed by assassins.

The more Harris uncovers the truth the more confused about his identity he becomes. By the end of the movie Harris realizes that his whole entire life has been a fake. He is an assassin and instead of going and doing what he was supposed to do, he does the opposite and saves the lives of those he was supposed to kill.

Unknown takes the audience into a world of action and questioning of who an individual really is. Through suspense and confusion audience have to think on whether or not they know who they are. Overall, it is a great movie; it keeps the audience anticipating what will happen next. It was a little slow as it was getting into the movie but as soon as it picked up speed it never slowed done.