Penn State Scandal

The Penn State scandal has erupted and has not only changed the way people think of Penn State University, but the face of PSU and head football coach Joe Paterno.

Former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky in my mind has not only ruined the lives of many kids but has tainted legend Joe Paterno’s living legacy.

What makes me frustrated and sickened is that while Sandusky was doing these things there were instances where fellow co-workers and coaches caught Sandusky in the act, and didn’t say anything to authorities.

Why would anybody keep this monstrous act to continue? I think this is one of the most saddening things of this whole thing. People who saw didn’t turn Sandusky into the police. They could’ve stopped Sandusky from scarring the lives of many young kids but instead kept it to themselves. And now are regretting what they did or should I say didn’t do.

Assistant Coach Mike McQueary testified to the Grand Jury that he saw Sandusky doing inappropriate things to a boy in the Penn State football team showers. McQueary walked away horrified, called his dad and told then head football coach Joe Paterno. This all sounds like McQueary did some good things but no one not a single person told authorities and turned Sandusky in. America is wondering why, why wouldn’t a single person have the decency to do what is right and turn Sandusky in.

No matter what the final verdict is on this whole thing, I believe that Sandusky has ruined PSU’s image, he ruined Joe Paterno’s legacy and has hurt a lot of people’s lifes.

Penn State University