The Fiddler blows away the crowds

From the beautiful harmonies, to the amazing acting from the cast, to the lighting from the great stage crew; Davis High productions put on Fiddler on the Roof.

“It was really hard at first because you have the seniors and the juniors, and those who have done the show before and those who haven’t, but we got through all of that and became great friends,” said junior Rebecca Hess playing in the ensemble.

The cast had a few kinks they had to go through before they could get along, but they also had to remember lines in multiple scenes and lyrics to songs. However, through all of the late night rehearsals and frustration the cast from beginning to end they finished strong.

“I mostly work on characterization. Andra told us to make that our number one goal for the show, because not all of us had a lead. She said each character is your own. I had to try not being myself which was hard,” said Hess.

When the moment came for the cast to shine on the stage, they blew the audience away.

“The cast did really really well and the leads were phenomenal!” said junior Taylor Jewett who saw the show.

The show went on like a professional show with only a few glitches along the way. Each actor did their best and never showed the audience that they were ever tired from all the late night rehearsals and performances.

“It was definitely worth seeing, I would have been sad if I didn’t get to see it,” said Jewett.

The audiences were thoroughly impressed with the show some even went to go see it multiple times. Fiddler on the Roof was a show worth professional praise.